Add the equivalent of 2 medical secretaries and 3 professionals to your medical clinic thanks to AI.

Navig increases the capacity of your medical clinic by analyzing a patient's reason for consultation to direct them to the right provider, at the right time, in less than 60 seconds.

Trusted by medical clinics

Navig is used by several of the most performing medical clinics in Quebec.

Your challenges are more and more numerous

Ensuring the proper management of a medical clinic is increasingly complex.

Navig lets you do more with less

Equip your secretaries so that they can process each appointment request on their own, in an optimal and safe manner.

How does work?

Here's how Navig position itself in front-line health services

A few stats

Navig improves the daily life of everyone at the clinic.

Turn your secretaries into appointment management experts.

In clinics where Navig is deployed, secretaries process each appointment request twice as quickly, without having to bother nurses or doctors with clinical questions. Here's how:

  • Navig analyzes the words used by the patient in their appointment request;
  • Navig offers a series of guiding questions to the secretary;
  • Navig produces a referral note that can be copied to the file.

All in less than 60 seconds per call.

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Help your nurses do what they do best: providing nursing care.

In the clinics where Navig is deployed, nurses are not wasting their time as secretaries. They are doing nursing and proving that the training they have allows them to address many of the problems usually handled by physicians. Here’s how:

  • Navig incorporates the collective orders in effect in the clinic;
  • Navig identifies patients who can be managed by a nurse;
  • Navig ensures that these patients have had their problems resolved without redirection;

All this, while mobilizing 0 nurses at the appointment granting stage.

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Improve the daily life of your professionals by allowing them to see the right patients.

In clinics where Navig is deployed, each professional sees the patients who need their expertise. This reduction in the use of redirection reduces by a factor of 4 the number of patients trying to make an appointment at the clinic, but no longer having access to a time slot. Here's how:

  • Navig incorporates the scopes of practice currently in effect in your jurisdiction;
  • Navig identifies patients who can be managed by each of your professionals;
  • Navig ensures that these patients have had their problems resolved without redirection;

All thanks to an artificial intelligence trained since 2017.

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What steps does a clinic go through to deploy Navig?

It takes 10 working days from the signing of the contract to the deployment of Navig.


D-10 : Signature of the contract

Navig's contract is simple to understand and has been reviewed by several CISSS and CIUSSS.


D-5: Personalization meeting

We gather information about the services offered at your clinic, the service corridors already in place, and your specific practices, then incorporate it into Navig.


D-1: Staff training

We train your operators, secretaries and managers remotely during a 90-minute session that concludes with a short evaluation of what they have learned.


Let's get started!

We are remotely with your secretaries on the day of the launch, in order to answer their questions and ensure the good appropriation of the artificial intelligence by your team.

See for yourself Navig's impressive impact in the following clinics.

Réseau LeBlanc-Savaria, Blainville, Canada

GMF-U Mont Laurier, Mont-Laurier, Canada