Polyclinique du Quartier + Navig

Private GMF serving the population of Granby, Canada, since 2021.

40 000

Requests per year

18 000

Registered patients





The situation before Navig

The Polyclinique du Quartier is overwhelmed by an ever-increasing number of calls and is mobilizing its auxiliary nurses to try to improve the relevance of medical appointments.

10 hours

The time invested by nurses each day to make appointments


The proportion of medical appointments perceived as irrelevant by physicians

11 minutes

The average time spent by a secretary and a nurse to grant an appointment


The proportion of calls remaining on the nurses' overflow list at the end of the day

What we have done



The clinic already benefits from a great multidisciplinary team. Navig's customization stage ensures that this translates into better access from the patient's first contact with the clinic.



Navigators are trained on Navig and the concept of an overflow list is maintained, which allows auxiliary nurses to be accessible to patients who do not have access to an appointment.


Safety net

Community pharmacies in the area are met, given explanations about Navig and contact information for our team in case of misdirection.


Let's go!

Our team is on site with the navigators, who now realize that their work can be very rewarding and much more satisfying.

Testimony of a user

See what Dr. Bellefleur-Mercier from the Polyclinique du Quartier had to say about Navig.

Navig made it possible to change everything

Polyclinique du Quartier’s situation improved significantly thanks to the deployment of Navig.

More nursing care

A 71% relative reduction in the amount of time spent on the telephone by nurses allowed them to focus their time and effort on providing nursing care.

Sample collected in December 2022.

More relevance

Navig generated a 65% relative reduction in the proportion of appointments perceived as low or irrelevant by the clinic's physicians.

N = 11 physicians, survey conducted in December 2022.

Better equipped navigators

Navig generated a 106% relative reduction in the time spent on the phone by the clinic's operators and secretaries, now called navigators, without mobilizing nurses.

N = 6655 referrals, survey conducted from December 2022 to March 2023.

Better access

Navig generated a 68% relative reduction in the number of patients who needed to be seen by a physician but did not have access to a time slot.

N = 6655 referrals, survey conducted from December 2022 to March 2023.

Media coverage

Navig's deployment at this clinic has generated media interest.