Terms of use

Terms of use

Last updated: June 7, 2024.

Welcome to Navig, created by Vitrai Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "VITR.AI"). Navig is a software designed to guide patients to the right healthcare service within the appropriate time frame (hereinafter referred to as "destination") and to visualize the data generated by these orientations.

By accessing Navig, you are bound by the license agreement that your employer has concluded with VITR.AI or by the employment contract concluded with VITR.AI, as applicable, and these terms of use supplement those contracts. If you do not accept these terms of use or if you cease to consent to them, whether before using Navig or during use or following modifications to them, please do not access Navig or cease using it immediately.

VITR.AI reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time. In the event of a modification, Vitrai Inc. will indicate the date of the last modification at the introduction of these terms of use, and you will automatically be bound by these new terms. Therefore, you should regularly review these terms to be aware of and consent to said changes or, failing that, cease using or consulting Navig.

VITR.AI places great importance on its intellectual property and confidentiality. Consequently, these terms of use remain valid for 5 years following your last access to Navig.

We also invite you to consult our privacy policy to understand how we collect, use, and protect your personal data.

Navig is a website that functions as a decision support system for personnel responsible for scheduling appointments for patients contacting a medical clinic or call center. Navig also allows for the visualization of data generated by the orientation of these patients and their access to healthcare services to support, among others, the managers of a medical clinic or call center in the continuous improvement of their healthcare service offerings.

The personnel responsible for scheduling appointments and orienting patients, called navigators, enter the terms used by the patient during their care request (hereinafter referred to as "reason for consultation") into the designated area on Navig. The artificial intelligence trained by Vitrai Inc. guides the navigator through a series of questions, thereby enabling the identification of each patient's destination.

Managers, among others, can access Navig to view dashboards displaying statistics and recommendations regarding local service offerings. Note that, as mentioned in the Privacy Policy, no personal information is collected by Navig.

Access to Navig

To use Navig, a member of the Vitrai Inc. team must create an account for you using your professional email address, used solely in the context of your employment. You must not, at any time: (i) use someone else's identifier; (ii) allow your identifier to be used by another person; (iii) make your login information accessible.

You are solely responsible for the logins and activities that occur on your account.

Use of Navig

To use Navig, the medical clinic or call center for which you are employed must have concluded a license agreement with VITR.AI or have obtained express authorization from VITR.AI.

You may only use Navig within the framework of the activities defined above.

You are not authorized to:

  • Access or use Navig in violation of any law, regulation, or the rights of any person;
  • Access or use Navig in a manner that compromises the security and tests the vulnerability of its technologies, including its databases, servers, interfaces, and algorithms, without the authorization of Vitrai Inc.;
  • Access or use Navig to reproduce or compete with its services;
  • Access or use Navig to reverse engineer, discover, copy, use, or draw inspiration from the source code, trade secrets, or know-how;
  • Collect data generated by Navig to develop or have developed by a third party any products or services that compete with Vitrai Inc.;
  • Use the orientations performed via Navig for purposes other than those identified in these terms of use;
  • Access or use Vitrai Inc. in a manner that exceeds these terms of use.

Any unauthorized and/or non-compliant access will result in legal action without further notice or delay.

Intellectual property of Vitrai Inc.

All content, documents, and information of any kind and in any format provided by VITR.AI via Navig, its websites, communications, products, or otherwise, remain the intellectual property of VITR.AI, and these terms do not confer any license or right whatsoever over this content, nor do they consent to or allow anyone to use and/or retain for their benefit any patents or intellectual properties, unless expressly agreed upon.

Limitation of liability

The medical clinic or call center remains entirely responsible for its decisions, judgments, and actions taken, and for any damages that may result, within the framework of its activities and the use of Navig.

The orientations performed by Navig do not guarantee any connection between a patient and a healthcare professional, nor any treatment or diagnosis for the patient, and VITR.AI cannot be held liable by anyone for damages caused by the unavailability of a healthcare professional or a frontline medical service.

Please refer to your license agreement for more details on the limitation of liability.


Post-event monitoring

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality and safety, we use Posthog, a software that allows for the analysis and resolution of technical issues, as well as for improving user experience. This software is used following specific incidents such as bugs, analysis errors, and security and orientation incidents.

By using the Navig application, the medical clinic or call center agrees that this type of technical issue analysis and resolution software may be used to observe user actions and interactions on the platform and must at all times authorize its use on their browser. This approach allows for understanding the context of user actions and effectively testing, observing, and deploying functional improvements.

We are committed to respecting the confidentiality and security of the collected data, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The information collected is exclusively used for the purposes described above and is not shared with third parties without express authorization.


We take the security of your data very seriously. Our site uses advanced technical and organizational measures to protect your data against unauthorized access, unlawful modification, disclosure, or destruction. Our security measures include encryption protocols, firewalls, and physical and electronic access controls. Moreover, Navig allows navigators to orient patients contacting a medical clinic or call center without the use of personal information, as defined by Law 25.

Although we strive to ensure the highest possible security, we cannot guarantee absolute security. By using Navig, you acknowledge that you understand and accept this risk. We invite you to take all necessary precautions to protect your own data when online.

In the event of a security incident significantly affecting your data, we commit to informing you as soon as possible and to taking all necessary measures to minimize the impact of the breach.

We regularly review our security measures and adapt them based on technological and organizational developments. We encourage you to regularly consult this section to stay informed about our updates.


These terms of use, as well as any question or claim arising from or related to these terms, including their validity, interpretation, implementation, or breach (whether contractual or not), will be exclusively governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws in force in Canada, specifically those of the province of Quebec.

By accepting these terms, you consent to submit any dispute arising from the use of Navig to the competent jurisdictions of the province of Quebec, district of Bedford, and you thus recognize the exclusive authority of these courts.

Do not hesitate to contact our data protection officer and director of legal affairs, Me Carline Boisvert, at the email address [email protected] for any questions regarding these terms of use and our privacy policy.